Medical School Hospitals

The concept that a Medical School must have a Hospital seems to be obvious. And yet, these Hospitals are fairly recent.

The first one belongs to Johns Hopkins University and was completed in 1889. The Johns Hopkins Medical School had four famous professors: William Osler (Internal Medicine), William S. Halsted (Surgery), Howard Kelly (Gynecology) and William H. Welch (Bacteriology).

William Osler established the first medical residence and was the first medical professor to take his students to the patients’ beds. For these pioneering acts he is considered the Father of Modern Medicine.

One of his sayings is, to me, an extraordinary example: The mistakes that I committed were faults of my mind, not of my heart.

The first Medical School Hospital in Brazil was built by a small private Medical School that was at that time fighting to survive: the Escola Paulista de Medicina. Its Hospital was inaugurated in 1938.

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